Upon A Clay Tablet by Jason R. Eaton

"... is simply, well... magnetic, captivating, brilliant, funny, heart rending, and honest in its authenticity as a guide... The presentation is honest, ethical, clear, and most humble..." - Jeanette H.

The Ancient Art of Healing with the Living Earth

The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay, Volume 1 is part of a series of 3 volumes. Each volume will be addressed to a specific segment of clay advocates, from the beginner to the most experienced scientist. Volume one is written in a fun to read, anecdotal manner that provides an education for the reader into the wonders of healing clays used around the world. There is a lot of research and vital information in the Science and Research section of this great book.

In the Research section, you will be able to read Dr. Benjamin Ershoff's study results from his now famous, Study of Terramin clay that was commissioned by NASA in conjunction with Caltech University. From this study, NASA approved the use of this clay for astronauts in space.
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