TerraGlacial Green Face Mask

TerraGlacial Clay is a rare glacial marine clay originating in a pristine environment

Terraglacial is the product of a newly discovered mine source of a premium Green Montmorillonite Glacial Clay, Terraglacial green clay is a spa quality mineral face mask, packaged for economical in home use.
•Excellent skin toning, tightening and renewal resulting in silky smooth youthful skin.
•Reduces skin's oil production
•Contains ancient clay minerals.
•Topical aid for skin abrasions, cuts and scratches
•Create a customized quality spa experience using essential oils and fragrances. Save time and money.
Terraglacial is an all-natural, clay mineral powder combined with ancient flora and algae, millions of years old.. Hydration reenergizes as you mix and you instantly experience the earth’s smell as it must have been like before man’s confluence. Robust, deep rich nutrients are released as you unite the clay with water and the raw and sensual aromas are yours to enjoy. All natural, no artificial flavors or aromas, no additives. Helps you to reunite with your primal senses. Terraglacial green face mask clay soothes and rejuvenates your skin.

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