Marine Phytoplankton Powder

90 Veggie Capsules Proprietary Blend of Wild Marine Phytoplankton in a dried form.


From the Unique Sea Farm on the pristine British Columbia coast, this is a propietary blend of Wild Marine PhytoPlankton in a convenient powder form in a capsule. What makes UMAC® different from chlorella, apiulina, blue-green or any other algae is that Umac® marine phytoplankton is wild-havested, contains multiple species, and the patented process ruptures the cell wall, so the nutrients can be accessed and utilized. Marine Phytoplankton have a hard cell wall out bodies cannot digest. UMAC® contains extracted microscopic nutrients for best absorption.

Amoung the nutrients found in this incredible blend are amino acids, vitamins, sea minerals, enzymes, and proteins.

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