Alkaline Cuisine

An easy, delicious, transitional cookbook for those who want to boost their health, vitality and vibrancy
Alkaline Cuisine

"It can be a huge challenge to be able to feel peaceful or be productive when our bodies hurt. However we can feel better, rid ourselves of pain and toxins, in order to feel strong and vital. We begin by changing our attention from our “condition” to how we want to feel. Then it’s a simple transition, i.e. from eating Russian dressing to enjoying guacamole dressing."

This easy-to-read cookbook offers help for all, including athletes. It includes four generations of multicultural quick recipes, a getting - started ingredient and herb pantry list and a special chapter on dental health. This cookbook is chock full of recipes and suggestions which are helping so many people to feel better, happier, and more productive".

"This book offers you ways to evolve from having a lethargic, acid body to an alkaline, energetic more conscious lifestyle".

"I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you!"



Zhena has been helping people to eat according to their background for the past 33 years. Her background includes working with the standard American diet, French, macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, and alkaline cooking.

 In the 70’s Zhena was the chef/owner of Zhena’s cuisine, a fine vegetarian restaurant in Amherst, MA and presently she enjoys teaching in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

“As acidic food consumption increases in this modern world, vitality, energy, and health decrease. Alkaline cuisine provides the perfect antidote to acidic unhealthy imbalances with easy to prepare, nutritious, and enjoyable meals which restore pH balance, wellbeing, and health. My life and those of my clients have benefited immensely from this dietary protocol."

"I highly recommend Alkaline Cuisine."

Keith Paris, Life Coach and personal trainer



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